Scott Adams, BA
Executive Director

Akili Atkinson, MBA
Director of Training

Renee Attaway Storer, MS, CCC-SLP
Social Learning Coordinator

Justin Adams, BS
Skills Coordinator & Trainer

Paxton Leibold, MA
Mental Health Counselor

Raquel Pereira
Resident Advisor

We are committed to empowering young adults to self-advocate and live independently as contributing members of the community. The purpose of our program is to build transferable skills in the areas of independent living, healthy relationships, and gainful employment – skills that will allow our young adults to not only grow within our program, but move into other neighborhoods or cities and duplicate their success with minimal support.


Reverend Arthur Murphy – Chair
St. James Lutheran Church – Lead Pastor

Tedd Winter – Vice Chair & Treasurer
Shell Oil – Trading & Supply (Retired)

Walker Peacock – Secretary
Tamow Center – Psychologist

Jennifer Albanese
Hilcorp – IT Business Relationship Manager

Jack Bellinger
eCORP International, LLC – General Counsel & Executive Vice President

Jeff Miller
Potentia – Founder & CEO

Jennifer Mohr
Gateway Alum Parent

Genny Winter – Founding Member & Chair
Shell Oil – IT Manager Trading & Supply (Retired)


Fondren Foundation
Murphy/Patrick Family
Bike to the Beach
William Stamps Farish Fund
O’Quinn Foundation
Texas Methodist Foundation
Chapelwood Community