All of the components of Education & Training provide opportunities for our students to learn how to show up in the world – as an adult. Being a self-sufficient young adult requires one to understand his or her own challenges and create systems of accountability in employment and relationships. Our program focuses on transferring fact-based knowledge into real-world application.

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Apartment Living

A home is more than four walls.  ADVANCE teaches students to understand the process and accept the responsibilities of independent living, which is so much more than just doing laundry and washing dirty dishes. The biggest shift in independence is learning to manage their lives when no one is telling them to do it. Our students are taught how to build structure and manage living on their own. It’s not simply living by yourself; it’s making adult decisions to maintain a healthy and organized physical space.

Culinary & Nutrition

The foundation is fueling the body in a way that supports a healthy has mind and body. Lessons learned through Culinary & Nutrition focus on supporting young adults to make the best choices through specific guidance on grocery shopping, responsible spending, cooking, meal prepping, and healthy eating habits.


ADVANCE is intentionally located in the big, walkable space of Midtown Houston. Transportation learning at ADVANCE is a big step on our students’ path to independence. There are many skills necessary to successfully navigate public and personal transportation. Utilizing public transportation, knowing when to take advantage of a ride-sharing program, and understanding how to maintain a personal vehicle are all areas that need to be addressed; mastering these skills translates into a new level of freedom. Ultimately, how they move around their community helps to build confidence.

Financial Literacy

Seminars at ADVANCE guide our students through the steps to earning and managing money. From understanding a basic budget to exploring the effect credit can have on personal growth, these competencies increase our students’ ability to function independently. Financial literacy helps students to mange for today while planning for tomorrow.

Volunteer, Internship, Employment

Every activity we engage in develops awareness that there is a meaningful connection to the work we do on our society. We build understanding and competency through repeated opportunities to practice and enhance those particular skills. In the context of employment, the more connection we build, the greater opportunities to obtain skills that lead to high-interest employment, and ultimately monetary self-sufficiency.

Anyone can get a job, but obtaining enjoyable, gainful employment allows our young adults to lead fulfilling lives. Our volunteer and internship experiences identify personal interests and talents that lead to a career path. Our expectation for ADVANCE graduates is that they are able to engage the skills, knowledge, and interests necessary to follow and thrive in their chosen career path.

Community Engagement

Students learn the value of investing in their neighborhood and using their voice to be supportive of community initiatives. Our work is to help young adults become familiar with their surroundings, to take care of their community, and to give back with their individual passions.  ADVANCE encourages students to “love where you live by supporting your community!”


We would like to specifically thank our Education & Training Partners for their support of our program by providing internship and employment opportunities for our young adults.