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Scott Adams, Executive Director Brandon Wheeler, Director of Counseling Akili Atkinson, Director of Skills Training Renee Attaway-Storer, Social Awareness Instructor Caroline Serrett, Executive Function Instructor Rachael Profit, Resident Advisor

Why Your Resolutions Sound A Lot Like Last Years’

Now that that’s over, let’s start again. Statistically, about 40 percent of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions before the end of January, and by March, 80 percent will have vowed to try again next year. Why do we even try, given this dismal performance year after year? Why can’t we just […]

Goal Setting – Not Different, Better

Wishing to be different… Years ago, I had a student, as he was packing his books at the end of class, say, “I wish I wasn’t autistic.” He caught me off guard. He was a great kid and was experiencing some level of grief over the fact that he wasn’t “normal” …whatever that is. I […]

Perspective Taking Improves Relationships

Working with young adults on the autistic spectrum is tricky at times, especially if they do not have some ability to share thoughts with others. It is not always an easy point to make but it is a fact: Perspective taking improves relationships faster than any other skill or technique. Perspective taking, which most people […]

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