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What is the Advance Program?

The ADVANCE Program is a non-profit comprehensive training organization focused on supporting young adults with social and learning differences toward a path of social and economic independence. Our immersive training plan places our students in real-world situations accompanied by qualified professionals to train, observe, and assist as the student achieves higher levels of personal independence. ADVANCE includes training and oversight in the key areas of independent living skills, career training, lifestyle fitness, as well as secondary education tutoring, and support. All students enjoy access to our unique QUEST social adventure and integration program, an opportunity to expand their interests and social skills as they experience the city.

ADVANCE offers psychological counseling, social and employment coaching, and weekly goal-oriented advising, each led by passionate, experienced professionals. We are committed to empowering young adults to self-advocate and determine their life’s course in ways that will be beneficial to themselves and the community.


Successful candidates are young adults motivated to achieve personal independence while building strong personal and workplace relationships.

The criteria for successful application includes:

  • High school graduates
  • Between the age of 18-26
  • Full-scale IQ of 80 or above
  • Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, AD/HD, and/or other social and learning disabilities
  • Young adults motivated for personal independence and social engagement


ADVANCE is making a difference by providing a clear trajectory to success. Our relationship building, independent living, and career training programs guide young adults with social and learning differences to lives of personal significance.  Customizable counseling and coaching is available to ensure participants’ ability to continue their successful journey towards greater independence.

Program Options

  • ADVANCE Immersive Transition Program: Our two-year complete plan built on a strong foundation of self-sufficiency and financial responsibility. The program moves from these core independence skills to support work readiness, acquisition, and retention. College application, enrollment, and support for students is also available in this program. This is our primary program and is suitable for most individuals who demonstrate the desire to live independently by lack skills or maturity to make the transition.
  • ADVANCE Gap Year and Gateway Plus Programs: Students are qualified for these accelerated transition programs through application and deferment of college acceptance, or completion of the Gateway Academy My Day Café Transitions Program. These are immersive plans based on the understanding that the student is transitioning to a college or university and is focused on building independent living skills while increasing maturity through service and leadership opportunities. A student enrolled in this program is considered to be a participant in the two-year program until their first evaluation in the program (90 days of accelerated progress)
  • Plus Supplemental Programs: An extension to the Advance Immersive Transition Program allowing qualified students to receive college support or workplace coaching at a lower program fee. A student may apply and qualify for one of these services without participating in one of the other programs or may continue in these programs after completing 

Curriculum Design:

  • Daily seminar sessions
  • Apartment living / financial planning
  • Enriching community service
  • Internship acquisition, retention, and support
  • Job acquisition, training, and retention support
  • Guest lectures by community partners and advocates
  • Workshops and community visits
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Weekly conference with parents or stakeholders
  • Social relationship guidance and practice
  • College coursework assessment, support, and tutoring



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Successful candidates are young adults motivated to achieve personal independence while enjoying stronger personal and workplace relationships.


(832) 830-8482